Sweet & Simple Dessert Table

Sweet & Simple Dessert Table


Our dessert tables starts at $200 and up for about 15-20 guests (roughly 3-4 pieces per person). This includes an option of cupcakes, mini dessert bites & macarons. Please note that pricing does not include a centerpiece cake or floral arrangement and no substitutions.


Dessert Table - Choose at least 8 Treats

for example, you may choose

10 vanilla mini cupcakes

10 lemon layer mini cake

10 mini apple tarts

10 mini raspberry cheesecake bites

20 assorted macarons

10 mini eclair

10 cake pops



  1. mini cheesecake bites (10 per flavor)
    • blueberry, new york, raspberry, strawberry, or pumpkin
  2. mini cupcakes (10 per flavor)
    1. banana, carrot, chocolate, lemon, orange, red velvet, or vanilla
  3. mini french cake (10 per flavor)
    • almond hazelnut mousse, chocolate supreme, choco raspberry mousse, chocolate mocha, napoleon, strawberry passionfruit, lemon layer or cream puff
  4. cake pops (10 per flavor)
    • blondie, cake, brownie, or cheesecake
  5. mini tarts (10 per flavor)
    • apple crumb, french apple, french pear, ganache, ganache salted caramel, ganache peanut butter, key lime, lemon cream, lemon meringue, pecan, pumpkin, rhubarb-strawberry crumb, or walnut cranberry


EXTRA OPTIONS: Please let us know for a quote

  1. panna cotta shooter (12 per flavor) vanilla, green tea, lemon, mango or passion fruit, coconut, raspberry, or strawberry
  2. cake shooter (12 per flavor) 
    • strawberry shortcake or tres leches
  3. petit four (10pcs)